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Salary packaging is the easy way to boost your income

Salary packaging – also known as salary sacrifice - means allocating a portion of your salary to pay certain expenses before income tax is calculated. So on pay day you pay less income tax and have more money for the things that matter.

You don't need to earn lots to benefit.  As long as you pay income tax, you could save with salary packaging. If you already know what you want to do, why not apply today and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits.

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  • Salary package your everyday expenses

    The easiest way to boost your disposable income (other than a pay rise) is to salary package the purchases you make every day, like groceries, mortgage, rent and insurance.  

  • Salary package a car

    Salary packaging a car – also called a ‘novated lease’ – is a popular and tax efficient way of buying and running your car.