Salary package and save with these with benefits

Choose the benefits that suit you.

We can help you understand the salary packaging benefits available to you, how they work and how much you can save.

Then we work with your employer to set up your salary packaging so that on pay day, it all works seamlessly.

  • General living expenses

    Use your pre-tax income for expenses you are already paying, including:

    • rent or mortgage payments
    • credit card and personal loan repayments
    • expenses via the Everyday Purchases Card
    • school fees and much more
  • You can salary package:

    • up to $15,900 per FBT year if you work for a charity or not-for-profit organisation (equal to $611.50 per fortnight)
    • up to $9,010 per FBT year if you work for a public or private not-for-profit hospital (equal to $346.50 per fortnight)

    Even if you have a HELP/HECS debt you could benefit from salary packaging. Download the fact sheet to find out more. 

  • You don't even have to decide what you'll spend your funds on 

    You can choose to keep your salary packaging flexible by salary packaging to a pre-paid card. 

    Your funds are simply added each pay and then you can spend as you need

Entertainment benefits

Includes both meal entertainment and holiday accommodation and venue hire.

You can package up to $2,650 per FBT year for entertainment benefits and this is in addition to your living expenses.


  • Meal entertainment

    This includes:

    • dine-in meals and drinks purchased at a restaurant, café or hotel
    • taxi fares travelling to and from the restaurant, café, tavern or hotel

    You can choose to pay for these items up front and then claim a reimbursement.

    Or you can choose the Meal Entertainment card and pay as you go.

  • Holiday accommodation and venue hire

    Eligible expenses include:

    • holiday accommodation, including hotel or motel rooms, apartment or holiday house
    • car hire while on holidays
    • hire of a reception venue, private function room or marquee
  • Novated leasing

    Save thousands by salary packaging a new or used car.

    • Make tax savings and discounts on your car and related running expenses
    • Bundle finance and running costs into one easy payment on payday
    • Choose the lease term that suits your budget, from one to five years
  • Superannuation

    Super is an important consideration at every life stage. Salary packaging your super contributions could help you achieve your goals faster.

    • Save for your first home faster with the First Home Super Saver Scheme
    • Pay significantly less tax on pre-tax super contributions and build your nest egg faster
    • 2019/20 FY concessional contribution limit: $25,000
  • Remote area

    Additional salary packaging benefits are available if you work in an area classified by the ATO as remote. Eligible expenses include:

    • Rent or mortgage
    • Household utilities
    • Holiday travel