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Company Car & Leasing

Salary package the car you love and save thousands

What is a novated lease?

A novated lease is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to buy and own a car, and you don't need to be earning a senior executive salary!

  • Make tax savings and discounts on your car and related running expenses
  • Bundle finance and running costs into one easy payment on payday
  • Lease a new or used car
  • Choose the lease term that suits your budget, from one to five years

Why choose a novated lease for your next car?

From the day you decide it's time for a new car till the day you move on to your next car, Advantage makes it easy for you. Salary packaging a car - also known as a novated lease - works like other salary packaging arrangements in that it utilises your pre-tax income to reduce the cost of owning and running your car.

The difference with Advantage is that we do most of the legwork for you, and we're always available to guide you through the process. So all you need to do is drive.

Five ways you save with Advantage

  1. No haggling, no sales pitch
    In 2017, we saved our customers over $21m on the purchase price of their car through our huge national buying power. That means you can leave the haggling to us and be sure of a great price!
  2. No trudging from dealer to dealer
    We organise your test drives with our trusted network, so you can save your weekends and enjoy the great service (and no pressure!).
  3. No hassles with paperwork and complicated processes
    We guide you through the paperwork and set up the lease with your employer on your behalf. Deductions happen automatically, so there's no added worry on payday.
  4. No big bills, no out-of-pocket expenses
    All your finance and annual running costs - like fuel, servicing, insurance, registration, roadside assistance and tyres - are bundled together into a single payment deducted on payday. When you incur an expense - like fuel or servicing - the provider bills us directly, and we pay the bill on your behalf with funds set aside in your salary packaging account.
  5. You save thousands!
    When you buy a new car, you'll pay no GST on the purchase price, instantly saving 10%. And because most running costs are paid with pre-tax dollars, you save a minimum of 30%, depending on the rate at which your tax is calculated.


Award winning novated leasing experience

Advantage sister company, Smartleasing will manage your novated lease. Through the expertise of Smartleasing, you will enjoy immediate access to the latest digital technology including, a purpose-built mobile solution for quick and hassle-free account management and eClaims, instant online credit applications, and paperless 'e-sign'. Coupled with award-winning service and the vehicle buying power which saved customers over $24m in the last year alone, we're confident that you will have a great experience.

Doing the sums: how a novated lease compares to other finance options

There are a number of different ways to pay for a new car, but does one save you more than another? Is it better just to pay cash? And what about taking out a loan against your mortgage?

The following example looks at the costs of purchasing and running a Mazda CX-5 over five years, and how a novated lease compares to other popular forms of car finance.

Already know the car you want?

Request a quote, and we'll put the full picture together for you in a transparent, easy-to-read quote, including the average discount we've secured on your make and model, so you can easily see how much you'll pay and how much you'll save.


Need Assistance?

If you need help, please contact us.

Company Car

The comments below are of a general nature. Your employer's policy may differ. Please check with your employer and Advantage ( in relation to your specific circumstances.

If you have private use of an employer provided vehicle (eg. you garage the car at home overnight), this is a 'fringe benefit' according to the Tax Office. As there is a limit to your salary package amount, most employers require your salary packaging of expenses to be reduced to reflect the tax value of the car. In this way, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) should not be payable.

The tax value of the car is typically calculated using a formula provided by the Tax Office. In most instances, the value is calculated as 20% of the cost of the vehicle.

For example, a $30,000 vehicle will have a tax value of $6,000 ($30,000 x 20%). Normally your salary packaging of expenses will be reduced by this value ($6,000 in our example). In broad terms, if you can salary package $15,900, this amount will need to be reduced by the tax value of the car ($6,000). Approximately $10,000 of expenses will now be allowed to be salary packaged.

Advantage will calculate your salary package amount with the assistance of your employer. With full and timely information, no FBT should be payable.


It is important we have correct and timely car information. Therefore, please contact us if:

  • You are provided a 'company car' for the first time;
  • You replace your car (the tax value will change); or
  • You no longer have a car (we can increase your salary package).

To update Advantage, contact us, or complete the Company Car form.

It is recommended that you speak with Advantage prior to entering into any novated lease arrangement. Subject to your organisation's salary packaging and employee benefits Policy.
Note, before deciding on how to purchase a vehicle, we recommend seeking independent financial advice to ensure the choice you make best suits your financial circumstances.
1 Vehicle price stated includes all NSW on-road costs and government charges. 2 Total cost over life, where life represents 5 years. All calculations based on the following assumptions: living in NSW 2000, salary: $70,000 gross p.a., travelling 15,000 kms p.a., lease term: 60 months. Figures quoted include budgets for finance, fuel, servicing, tyres, maintenance, Vero by Suncorp comprehensive motor insurance and re-registration. Novated lease calculations: use Net GST processing method and Employee Contribution Method for FBT purposes; the total cost over life reflects the net effect after tax and includes an average Smartleasing admin fee; the Smartleasing buying power discount varies by vehicle and is subject to change; residual value is $9,268.04 including GST at the end of the lease term (the vehicle can be sold or re-leased to payout the residual at end of the lease term). Interest rate quoted for novated lease is 9.85% p.a. vs 10% p.a. for car loan vs. 4.14% p.a. for mortgage loan. Total cost over life for a mortgage loan reflects borrowing the purchase cost of the car against the mortgage and accelerating the payments to offset the change in interest charged and paying this additional amount off over 5 years. Essentially a car loan at 4.14% p.a. Vehicle pricing and finance rates are correct as of November 2018 and may be subject to change.