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Otherwise, you will need to complete the forms below.

Start Salary Packaging

To start salary packaging you need to complete this form:

Application Form

This will collect your contact details and tell us the expenses you wish to salary package (eg. mortgage, rent, credit card) and your Bank Account details.

You must include proof (copies) of the expenses nominated. For more information, click here.

Send completed forms to Advantage.

Card Application(s) - The Paperless Option

For a convenient, time saving option, use the Advantage Salary Packaging Card(s). For more information:

You must spend the funds on the card by March 31 each year

Dining Receipts (Meal Entertainment)

Send in your meal receipts every 2-3 months using this file:

Meal Entertainment Claim Form

For a 'paperless' option, consider the Advantage Dining Card.

Holiday Accommodation (Venue Hire)

To claim your holiday accommodation (venue hire), use the Holiday Accommodation Claim Form

Change Details (bank account, address etc)

You can change your personal details online now.

Otherwise, complete our Change Details Form.

Remote Area Housing

You may claim 'remote area housing' if you live and work in a remote area and the benefit is allowed by your employer. To check if you are eligible, please contact us. Otherwise, complete the claim form:

Sending Copies of your Expenses

To send Advantage proof of your expenses, you can scan and email to Include your name, employer and Package Number.

'Company' Car - Update Advantage

If your employer provides you a 'company car' for private use, you can update Advantage with your car details. Complete the Company Car Form.

If you no longer have a company car, please contact us.

Novated Car Lease Quote

For a novated car lease quote, visit or call 1300 165 198

Need Assistance?

If you need help, please contact us.