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Professional Services

Salary Packaging Program

Advantage Salary Packaging provides clients a complete and professional salary packaging program.
Features of our program include:

A. Automated electronic payment of salary packaging money

Advantage Salary Packaging uses the secure electronic banking system of Westpac to make payments. All payments are made electronically using the EFT system. It enables us to make cleared payments directly to any Bank, Building Society or Credit Union on a same-day basis.

B. Comprehensive employer and employee reporting systems

Advantage Salary Packaging provides employers with all the reports required to comply with taxation legislation. Monthly/Quarterly reporting will be provided on the following:

  • Goods and Services Tax (Input Tax Credits);
  • Employee payment reconciliation;
  • Administration Fee Summary and Invoice;
  • Fringe Benefits Tax; and
  • Motor Vehicle details.

Reporting in April each year on the following:

  • Payment Summary Reporting;
  • Superannuation; and
  • Employee Fringe Benefits Grossed-Up amount (for limit purposes).

All employees have 24/7 access to information via secure internet login.

C. Advice and assistance to the employer and its employees

During implementation, we conduct Information Sessions at your site(s) to introduce the concept of salary packaging and to familiarise your employees with the administration of the program. We complement the sessions with 'one-on-one' interviews with employees to explain the salary packaging program and to answer their personal tax questions.

We will assist employees with any queries on income tax, superannuation, HELP, Centrelink, child support and other implications of salary packaging. Advantage is pro-active on these matters. We can provide clients a 'Health Check' for salary packaging.

Once an Application is processed, we send a confidential report to the employee for review. The employee is also provided the telephone and email address of their Client Manager. This establishes your employee's personal relationship with their Client Manager. This ensures a smooth, on-going relationship.

Other key features of our service are outlined below.

Salary Package Card

We are able to offer a Salary Packaging Benefit Card. The card is issued through Westpac Bank. The card is a Visa card, which is accepted widely. The Card has been ruled by the Tax Office to be a Type 2 benefit (refer CR 2008/24). As a Type 2 benefit, this means that employees may salary package up to $15,900 or $9,010 (hospitals). This card is the most competitive card available on the market.

Meal Entertainment Card (max $2,650)

Meal entertainment can be salary packaged in addition to the normal salary packaging gross limit ($17,000 or $30,000). However, it is subject to a limit of $2,650 pa. (Grossed up $5,000). To facilitate this process, Advantage Salary Packaging is able to issue your staff a 'Meal Entertainment Card'. The card is supported by a Tax Office ruling (CR 2009/52). The card is a Visa card issued by the Westpac Bank and may be used at restaurants and cafe's in Australia and overseas. A Meal Entertainment Card is a very cost effective, secure and efficient way to package this benefit.

Novated Car Lease

A Novated Car Lease can be a tax effective way of buying and/or running your personal car. By structuring your Novated Car Lease correctly, you can salary package a car over and above the Tax Office limits ($17,000 or $30,000).

Advantage Leasing is our dedicated full leasing service. They are able to offer your staff a competitive car Lease program. For more information please visit or contact 1300 165 198

Venue Hire (max $2,650)

An employee may salary package holiday accommodation in addition to the normal salary packaging grossed up limit ($30,000/$17,000). However it is subject to a limit of $2,650pa (grossed up $5,000) Refer Tax Office ruling ATO ID 2009/45. On proof of expense, Advantage will add Venue Hire to a salary package and reimburse that cost to the employee. Go to Forms.

Employee Access 24 / 7

Advantage uses technology to enhance its personal service. Via our secure log-in process, employees can view the following information on-line:

  • Salary package details, including bank account and nominated expenses;
  • Substantiation (proof of expenses) details and substantiation 'balance';
  • View transactions (payroll deductions and payments);
  • Request changes; and
  • Update personal details.

A full demonstration is available to potential clients. Go to Log-in. Otherwise, download the Advantage Salary Packaging app. Go to the Apple store or Google Playstore and search Advantage Salary Packaging.


Superannuation is another unique fringe benefit whereby it may be salary packaged over and above the Tax Office limits ($17,000 or $30,000). Advantage Salary Packaging is able to facilitate fortnightly superannuation payments to the major industry funds (eg. HESTA, Health Super) at no additional cost. In this way, an employee is able to efficiently maximize their salary packaging opportunities whilst saving for retirement.

Salary Package Calculator

Employees want to calculate the tax saving before commencing salary packaging. For this reason, we have developed our own easy-to-use Salary Packaging Calculator or employees can request a calculation from their Client Manager (at no cost). We are able to provide your staff with a 'before' and 'after' snapshot of how salary packaging will benefit them financially.

HELP Calculator

It is important that staff not only understand the taxation savings as a result of salary packaging but its other implications, such as the effect upon HELP payments.

We have developed an easy-to-use HELP calculator. At no extra cost, we will calculate the extra HELP that should be deducted by payroll as a result of an employee salary packaging. Having extra tax deducted each fortnight should avoid a large HELP bill when it comes to tax time. Our clients appreciate our pro-active approach in addressing these issues up-front with staff.

Our Employee Information Booklets and Customer Service Team also address issues such as Centrelink payments, child support payments and the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

Need Assistance?

If you need further assistance, contact us at or phone 1800 555 582.