Salary packaging is a great way to give yourself a pay rise 


If you pay income tax, then you could benefit from salary packaging

Quite simply, with salary packaging you:

  • Spend part of your pay before tax is calculated
  • This reduces your taxable income
  • You pay less tax
  • Which means more money in your pocket

Available benefits

You choose the benefits you want to include in your salary packaging arrangement. The most popular benefits are: 

  • General living expenses (rent, mortgage, credit card repayments, etc.)
  • Meal entertainment
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Novated leasing (salary packaging a car) 


Getting started is easy

With a range of sign up options available, it's easy to find the option that suits you best.

  • Complete an online application
  • Making a personal appointment with an member of the Client Services team when they next visit your location
  • Download and complete the Salary Packaging Application Form