Keep your salary packaging flexible

Salary package to a pay as you go card and you can spend your funds as and when you decide

  • Everyday Purchases card

    The Everyday Purchases card gives you instant access to your salary packaging and allows you to use your salary packaging funds at a time and place that suits you.  Whether you're shopping with friends, paying for everyday items such as groceries and petrol or simply paying your regular bills, you can use your card to pay.

    The card works just like any other pre-paid debit card. Once your funds are loaded you can choose to spend them whenever you like. 

  • Meal and Entertainment card

    Not sure where and when you want to use you meal and entertainment funds? If you choose to add your funds to a card then you can simply decide to pay for your meal once you're at the restaurant. No need to plan ahead or to keep the receipts to make a claim.  

    The card gives you the ease and flexibility of spending your pre-tax money when you want.