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Westpac Information

Your salary packaging card provider is changing

We recently advised your employer that Advantage is changing its salary packaging card provider from ANZ to Westpac. The reason for the change is that ANZ has decided to withdraw its card services from salary packaging.

Westpac was chosen ahead of a number of potential card providers due to its salary packaging card experience, national banking network, superior on-line access, value and additional banking benefits. We look forward to working with Westpac to provide our card services.

When Will I Have to Change?

We will start transitioning clients onto the new Westpac card from April 2017. Therefore, we will write to you again shortly to complete a pre-populated Westpac Card Application form.

All existing ANZ salary packaging cards will close no later than 30 June 2017.

What are the Differences?

Westpac will continue to offer two cards, namely an:

  • Everyday Purchases Card (replacing our green, Salary Packaging Card); and a
  • Meal Entertainment Card (replacing our white, Meal Entertainment Card).

The card will be a Visa, so widely accepted in Australia and overseas.

The new cards will have PayWave capability, a new feature.

The cards will also be a fully integrated Westpac card product. You will be able to access all your information (statements, balances, contact details) at

It is worth noting, you will not need to visit a Westpac branch and provide 100 points ID. Therefore, swapping to the Westpac card has been made very easy.

What are the Fees?

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has changed the card regulations, limiting the transaction fees banks may now charge on card transactions. Hence ANZ's decision to exit salary packaging cards. Westpac has chosen to continue its services, but must now introduce an annual card fee.

The Westpac card fee is $66 (incl. GST), per card, per year. The fee is payable on the primary card (employee) and the secondary card (eg. partner), if you choose an additional card. The fee will be deducted annually from your salary (pre tax) when the card service commences.

Westpac has advised they will offer all cardholders discounts on a number of banking and financial services. Full details will be provided shortly.

Introducing The Advantage Loyalty Program, supplied by Frequent Values

We are very pleased to announce that all cardholders will be provided free access to the new Advantage Loyalty program. The program is delivered by 'Frequent Values', the same people that supply the popular Entertainment Book. Please refer to the attached flyer for details.

Our loyalty program will now allow you to access offers from Coles, Woolworths, David Jones, Hoyts and Rebel. You can also save up to $25 each time you dine-out using the restaurant and cafe offers. For example, if you dine out once a month, your annual savings can quickly accumulate (12 x $25 = $300 in savings).

Your access to the Frequent Values offers is free for all Westpac cardholders.

What Must I Do Now?

Please Apply for your new Westpac Card Now

Click here to get started.