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Holiday Accommodation Venue Hire

Holiday Accommodation (Venue Hire) Not applicable for NSW Health

Venue Hire is an expense that can be salary packaged 'on top of' your salary packaging limit.

What Can I Claim ?

The following expenses qualify:

  • Holiday car hire and/or accommodation;
  • Venue hire - function room, marquee (venue hire only, not ancillaries);
  • Cruises, boats (if accommodation provided);
  • Resort accommodation (incl. meals and activities if a single price);
  • Accommodation as part of a tour (50% of tour cost);

Only expenses of your immediate family qualify (must live in your household).

Expenses that DO NOT qualify are:

  • Airfares;
  • Travel;
  • Day tours;
  • Theme parks, kids parties, movies, golf, all leisure activities; and
  • Holidays of relatives or friends, even if you paid.
  • Camp Site Fees/Caravan Parks

Tax Implications ?

Your holiday accommodation can be salary packaged in addition to the salary packaging limit. From 1 April 2016 the maximum value allowed is $5,000 (grossed-up or $2,550 'cash' value). The limit also includes any Meal Entertainment expenditure. Also from 1 April 2016, Venue Hire is reported on your Payment Summary. This is relevant for Centrelink, HELP and other income tested government benefits.

How Will I Benefit ?

Salary packaging this expense means you will earn an extra 'chunk' of your pay tax free. For example, if you stay at a QLD resort costing $3,000, then $2,550 of your wages can be paid to you TAX FREE (in addition to the normal salary packaging limit).

The benefit to you is that you save more income tax. In our example, you don't pay tax on $2,550 of income. Example assumes you do not salary package meal entertainment. The $5,000 (grossed-up) limit is a combined cap.

How is the Money Paid ?

The money is paid into your savings account. Your accommodation is reimbursed from your income (tax-free). Proof of expense is a mandatory ATO requirement


To make a claim, please read and complete the Holiday Accommodation Claim Form. (Not applicable for NSW Health)


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